Being a good neighbor can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including assisting the elderly during this stressful period. If you have an elderly neighbor make sure they are aware of the pending situation and have considered their options:

Plan A: Stay Home:

• Remain calm and gather all supplies that you will need EARLY, including adequate medical/prescription supplies.

• Establish a “safe room” in an interior room with no window. Bring needed supplies including battery-powered radio, flashlights, medication, food and drinking water into this room.

• Make sure that your home is secure and shuttered, and that it can withstand a storm. Ask neighbors to assist with preparations if necessary.

• Make sure that a neighbor or someone in your family knows that you will be there.

Plan B: Stay with Local Friends: 

If you plan to stay with family or friends during a major weather event, take these precautions:

• Remain calm. Call them in advance. Make sure they will be ready for you.

• Have a backup plan in case they are out of town.

• Have your emergency checklist completed outlining your needs.

• Bring your own food, water, medicine supply and important papers with you.

• If your loved one has dementia, ask to have a room just for you and your loved one. Ask them to take the same safety precautions you have in your home (e.g., hide sharp objects and poisons, limit access to exits, cover mirrors).

• Notify your friends/family/neighbors of your evacuation plans.

If you rely on electrically operated medical devices or have other special medical needs, see our section on Customers with special needs